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Thiago Stefanutti Seminar & Grading


15th June

Grading Seminar
Followed by BBQ & Refreshments

Juniors 1pm – 2pm Cost Card Punch
Adults 2pm – 5pm Cost $30

On the 15th of June Thiago Stefanutti will be coming to once again offer the team (Juniors and Seniors) a great learning seminar. Following the seminar Thiago will be assisting Brad and Jim in a grading for 5 potential new Blue Belts. Grading is always a great day with the BJJ TAZ / Maromba family. I would encourage all our members new and old to come and have a great day and assist in the grading. Everyone in BJJ knows how hard it is to attain the rank of BJJ Blue Belt most people train for 3 years to attain this rank.

After the grading we will have a BBQ and refreshments then the team will going to watch Nick Denholm fight at Valor. The academy has full shower facilities so please bring a change of clothes to relax and enjoy the team atmosphere after a hard day of training. We would appreciate if all members could bring a good team gi for a team photo to celebrate the expected promotion of our new Blue Belts.

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