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TFBJJ Round 2 Wrap Up

Wow what a great result for TFBJJ 2, with so many of the team away or sick it was fantastic to see so many of the team pull together and have such a great time. All our competitors competed with big hearts and no matter what was in front of them they gave it 100%.

All the team pulled together and it was fantastic to see so many senior members step up and help coach our juniors without prompting. To all the parents a huge thanks for giving up your time to bring your children to the event and the support you give the team. love your team spirit and it speaks volumes that you helped set up the event even though it wasn’t your responsibility.

I know some of the match up for the juniors may have seemed a bit out but I can assure you the host clubs do try their best to have the best draws possible but with the age and weight difference for different kids this can be difficult.

Thanks to all the team that helped run our mat, once again really appreciated you made our mat run smoothly without stoppages all event.

To all our competitors you are just AWESOME!! You all compete great without attitude and ego and it’s a real pleasure to have you as our students, friends and training partners. We have an awesome team spirit and it shows in spades at every event we compete at.

TFBJJ 3 will be held in Launceston it will be the state final for the year and we are the host club. Lets make it our best turn out yet and end the competitive year on a high.

Phiebe fought like a little lioness against opponents double her size and still got a second place, Great stuff.

Sabrina’s first comp and she did fantastic and showed her true heart. well done for her first comp.

Mini- Tazmaniacs Awesome!!

The seniors did great with lots of podium places and Lucas Atkins being awarded competitor of the day. As more people send me photos from the day they will go on the site.

BJJ TAZ / CJJA Maromba Team Awesome!!

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