No Gi Submission Grappling

No-Gi BJJ is a great add on to improve your conditioning and grappling skills. It is mainly taught in summer when it's too warm to wear Gi's. We highly recommend people take part in Gi classes before starting on No-Gi as the best fundamentals are taught wearing a Gi.

Like the adults BJJ sessions, these sessions are great for fitness, self-confidence and self-defence. At BJJ Tasmania we teach complete Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ). This includes throws, takedowns and ground submission fighting. It also includes joint lock immobilisation and striking skills in the self-defence sessions. BJJ was developed for use in surviving the mean streets in the cities and slums of Brazil. In Brazil it is just called Jiu-Jitsu. From this it has developed into a fun, energetic and safe sport, which people of all ages can practice.

No-Gi is fun for sport grappling and is a great add-on to your BJJ skills.

What You Learn

  • → Chokes
  • → Ground control skills
  • → Joint locks
  • → Self-defence
  • → Takedowns
  • → Throws


  • → Great for fitness
  • → Improve self-confidence
  • → Learn self-defence
  • → Make new friends

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