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BJJ Taz / Maromba Team Supports the Tassie Devil

Last week the team had the pleasure of presenting Tasmania Zoo with the proceeds from our water bottle sales. All the money raised at the club from water sales is given to the Tasmania Zoo. The Tasmania Zoo is doing a fantastic job of helping to keep the few remaining Tasmanian Devils free from a disease that is slowly wiping out the population in the wild. One day they hope to have enough Devils to be able to release them into the wild and let the numbers increase again.

It was a great day with Brad and Lachy Lowe and Kane and Lachy Brewer on hand to present the money to Tasmania Zoo. A big thanks to Ranger Courtney for waking up Cyrus for the photos (Cyrus was not impressed but was well behaved..not a morning girl) and Caroline the park manager for making the day possible.

Brad presents Caroline with the funds raised by the team.

Cyrus enjoys the attention of the Tasmaniacs. The Tassie devil is our club symbol and mascot and it is great to be able to do something to ensure the survival of these awesome animals. When you get a drink of water from the club fridge please place your money in the donation tank above the fridge and lets keep this support rolling.

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