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Australian Jiu Jitsu Championships

Great results for

the BJJ TAZ / Maromba team

Kenan Palliser 3rd place
Nick Denholm 3rd place
Emily Howard 2nd place
Josh Fraraccio 2nd and 1st place
Tyson Mallinson 1st place
Jim Reid 1st place

Heaps of tough matches for the team, all supporting each other on the mat Awesome!! The team had a great few days training and rolling with friends at a few academies before the comp as part of the Tazmaniac Tour. Next year the tour will be even better as the team has been invited to multiple academies for our next visit. All the team competed with heart and it made Brad and Jim proud to have such a great group of people representing BJJ in Tasmania showing their skills on the mat. Awesome stuff.

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