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BJJ Taz at Jean Jacques Machado Seminar

It was a real pleasure to meet and train with BJJ legend Jean Jacques Machado. He was a real inspiration to me in Jiu Jitsu and to have an opportunity to train and learn from someone with his depth of knowledge was great.

A huge thanks to Stu Mulden for taking the time to invite me along. Really great to be apart of an awesome Jiu Jitsu community. I also was really pleased to listen to Jean Jacques words at the end of the seminar about how much he dislikes the politics of jiu jitsu and teaches anyone who is willing to learn this is the only way to develop jiu jitsu.

He also spoke about the team work in a Jiu Jitsu team and the fact that no one achieves in Jiu jitsu without a great team behind them – inspiring words.

Thanks to all my friends who were there great to catch up with Michael Johnson, Craig Robinson and Stu Mulden. Was also a real pleasure to meet Richard Norton, we are hoping to get Richard to Tassie next year. Hopefully we will get Jean Jacques to Tassie one day as well. Great seminar, Great people, Great Jiu Jitsu.

See you on the mat.
– Jim

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