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Master Orlando Saraiva 9th Degree Black Belt

Above: (left to the right) Henrique Saraiva, master Orlando Saraiva and Paulo Paulo Streckert.

Team, this was posted recently by Thiago, “Master Orlando Saraiva received his red belt 9th degree yesterday in Brasil. If you don’t know he is the master of my master Paulo Streckert, and he is the person who has been developing the sport BJJ in Sao Paulo state. His history on the sport is amazing, he was part of the first Carlson Gracie team, MMA fighter, judo black belt and BJJ black belt since 1974. I’m proud to be part of his lineage. Congratulations Master Orlando Saraiva.”

Below is the lineage for the BJJTAZ/Maromba team:

Mitsudo Maeda > Carlos Gracie Snr > Carlson Gracie Snr > Orlando Saraiva > Paulo Streckert > Thiago Stefanutti > BJJTAZ/Maromba Academia Australia Team

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