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BJJ Taz Promotions Day 2011

A great day for the BJJ TAZ Team. This Saturday we held a club grading and it was great to see the support from all the team that got together to support their team mates on there grading. The grading went for three hours with two hours solid of technique and one hour of rolling.

It was great for Brad and Jim to be able to promote Jesse Reid and Adam Ashton to the rank of purple belt. These guys have both trained for many years and have been great contributors to the club. Congratulations guys well done.

Jesse receives his purple rashie from head instructor Brad Lowe.

Margaret was promoted to the rank of blue belt, your an inspiration to us all Marg great effort and well deserved.

Margaret receives her blue rashie from Head Instructor Brad Lowe.

Nathan Vincent the head coach from BJJ TAZ St Helens was promoted to blue belt. A great effort Nathan and Brad and Jim were proud to make you a BJJTAZ blue belt and look forward to helping the team grow in St Helens.

Kennan Pallister receives his third stripe from Brad and Jim, Great work Kennan.

Helen Paul receives her 1st stripe and is well on her way on her jiu jitsu journey. Good work Helen.

Well done Mat on your 1st stripe your dedication to training is an inspiration to us all and Brad and Jim were proud to give you your 1st stripe.

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