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BJJ Taz Promotions & Awards 2012

We ended the year on a high with Brad and Jim awarding promotions and some of the team receiving their TFBJJ Championship patches if they had won their divisions over the three round competition series.

Lance Pfeifer was awarded his next stripe on his Blue Belt. Well done lance well on the way to a colour change.

Kai Mortyn receives his full Yellow Belt.

Phiebe promoted to full Yellow belt.

Lachy Lowe receives his Yellow belt from a very proud Brad Lowe.

Lachy Brewer receives his full yellow in front of a very proud Kane Brewer the head junior Tazmaniac instructor.

Tyson Mallinson receives his TFBJJ State Champion Patch, well done Tyson.

Bill receives his TFBJJ state champion patch, well done Bill.

The Juniors finished of the day with a great training session and enjoyed heaps of  rolling with their mates.

What an awesome end to a great year, we have heaps planned for 2013 and we hope to see all the current and even more new students. Great stuff team.

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