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Abaddons Legion FC Comes to the Devil Pit


Abaddons Legion FC has commenced teaching Muay Thai and MMA at the BJJ TAZ / Maromba Team “Devil Pit”.

Zach Robinson has been training in Muay Thai for 13 years and travels each year to Thailand to update his knowledge and continue developing his skills. Zach has been an integral part of all our team that have fought in MMA and is a huge factor in their successes.

Zach will be teaching on Tuesday nights with Muay Thai from 6-7:30pm then MMA training from 07:30 -09:30. BJJ TAZ members can do any of his classes for just $10 this is awesome value. We look forward to making the Abaddons Legion FC an integral part of the “Devil Pit”. BJJ / JUDO / MUAY THAI and MMA all in one great location. Awesome!!

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