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2013 Let The Good Times Roll

This year we have some great things going on at the club. Thiago will be returning to the club every 2 months to continue assisting in the developement of our BJJ team. Zac from the Abaddons Legion FC has commenced Muay Thai with new energy and we are looking at having a few of the team fight at Muay Thai events this year.

With the teams from East Coast MMA, Abaddons Legion FC and Hierarchy FC all competing at MMA events we will have strong representation in that area. It is great to have these three great teams coming to learn Jiu Jistu and bridge that gap and compete in BJJ events to improve their impressive fighting skill set.

The team has really stepped up their Judo and when Kerry commences training for 2013 we are keen to organise an events calendar and have those interested compete in the state Judo comps as well.

Our juniors are just booming and their year will kick of soon which is always something to look forward to. Hopefully we can get some of our ladies back on the mat and give the “she devils” their own time slot it would be great for us to have a female coach for the ladies and it is something that Brad and Jim are working on for the future.

Competition wise we will be competing at the TFBJJ series as it is the largest and best BJJ competition series in Tasmania and this year Nationally we will be sending a team the Pan-Pacs to compete as part of the Maromba Australia Team.

A huge year ahead for the team with our team competing in BJJ, Muay Thai, MMA and Judo. A great place to learn in a fun and friendly atmosphere. Loyalty-Honour-Integrity-Family not just a slogan we live it.

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